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Muck Truck® America Motorized Wheelbarrows Specs

Model: Muck-truck® - 4 Wheel Drive
Engine: Honda GXV 160, 4 stroke
Transmission: Tecumseh Peerless transaxle 3 forward / 1 reverse speed
Fuel: Unleaded petrol
Capacity: 6 cu ft. or ¼ tonne (250kg) carrying capacity
Noise Rating: 79db
Parking Brake: Disc
Wheels: Front 400 x 10, 4 ply tractive. Rear 400 x 8
Dimensions: Length - 155cm/61", Width - less than 70cm/28", Height - 85cm/34"
Weight: 110kg unlaiden

  • The Muck Truck® mini dumper powered wheelbarrow has been in production for over 18 years
  • GXV engine comes with a 24 month consumer and commercial warranty
  • You can change mini dumper attachments in seconds without hand tools
  • Will climb up to 30° fully loaded
  • Transports easily, no ramps required for loading the mini dumper into a van
  • The Muck-truck® powered wheelbarrow is as easy to steer loaded as when its empty
  • Works well with a number of other construction equipment, such as mini diggers/excavators and cement mixers
  • Spare Parts are readily available, and can be delivered next day provided they are ordered by noon
  • The best thing about the Muck-truck® is that it will last you for many years in the most demanding of enviroments and will continue to be the most productive product you have ever purchased.

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