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MAX Truck Motorized Wheelbarrow
MAX Truck Motorized Wheelbarrow Dumper
Motorized Wheelbarrow
MAX Truck Wheelbarrow for Farming
Max Truck Gas Powered Wheelbarrow
Motorized Wheelbarrow
Muck Truck Max Power Barrow
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MAX Truck for Snow Cleaning
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Gas Powered Wheelbarrow
MAX Truck Motorized Wheel Barrow
MAX Truck
  MAX Truck Wheelbarrow
MAX Truck
MAX Truck Wheelbarrow for Building
Farming - MAX Truck Wheelbarrow
MAX Truck Wheelbarrow for Cleaning
Motorised WheelBarrow for Construction
350 Kilo Max Truck WheelBarrow
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MAX Truck WheelBarrow for Construction
Four Wheel Barrow Micro Dumper Truck
Wheel barrow for Carrying Logs
Max Truck Wheelbarrow for Residential Landscaping

Muck-Truck® America Gas Powered Wheel Barrows are Ready for Spring Time and Residential Landscaping, Farming or the Electric Model for Indoor Users


Orlando FL January 17, 2015 Muck-Truck® America reminds
homeowners and landscaping companies to prepare for Spring with a gas powered or electric wheelbarrow. Muck Truck manufactures high-quality, powered wheelbarrows equipped with Honda gas engines and a tough Tecumseh Peerless transaxle transmission. The battery-powered "green" model is perfect for indoor usage, the E-Truck operates with little noise and no engine fumes.

"Do not be fooled by cheap powered wheelbarrows made in China," said Terry Rowlands, CEO of Muck Truck. "Our wheelbarrows are made with proven engineering and high-quality materials. Watch our video online to compare our quality with other models. Landscaping companies...can extend their labor efficiency....Hauling sand, rocks or bricks and pavers becomes a simple operation anyone can do rather than a punishing physical challenge for the young workers.

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Muck Truck® America Max Truck Specs

Model: Max-truck® - 4 Wheel Drive
Engine: Honda GXV 160, 4 stroke
Transmission: Tecumseh Peerless transaxle 3 forward / 1 reverse speed
Fuel: Unleaded petrol
Capacity: 8 cu ft. (365kg/800lbs) carrying capacity
Noise Rating: 79db
Parking Brake: Disc
Wheels: 400 x 10, 4 ply tractive.
Dimensions: Length - 63", Width - less than 70cm/28", Height - 36"
Weight: 280lbs unlaiden

Muck-truck® America, as the 1st company with this concept, has proven to be a market leader in power barrow dumper trucks.

Our products are recognized globally by industries in construction, landscaping, recreation parks, utilities sectors and by the rental user. We offer products that are manufactured to the highest quality and specification

Motorized wheel barrow for landscaping/yard clearing/ground maintenance/carrying logs.

Motorized wheel barrow for construction/building/used with diggers

Motorized wheel barrow for rental, No other machine can do all the jobs this can do and get to the places this can get with speed and efficiency.

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