Muck Truck Accessories

Muck Truck America Mini Dumpers, Max Trucks and Electric Power Wheelbarrows are amazingly versatile thanks to our super quick fit wheelbarrow accessories - NO TOOLS REQUIRED for fitting.

All Muck Truck® attachments are interchangeable and can be used with any configuration of the Muck-Truck® wheelbarrow

Most of our customers buy accessories for their Mucktruck® power wheelbarrows and motorized dumpers.

Thats why- for your buck, you get more with Mucktruck®

Muck-truck® Flatbed

The most popular accessory for hard landscapers and gardeners. The flat bed is perfect for all those awkward loads that cannot be easily carried or loaded into the bucket. The flat bed sits above the wheels so that oversized loads can be carried with ease. Items like pots, paving slabs, bags of sand/cement/compost, drainage pipes, or garden ornaments.

Dimensions: (L) 23.6" (W) 23.6" (H) 23.6"
Weight: 55 lbs
Capacity: 550 lbs (1/4 ton)

Muck-truck Flatbed

Muck-Truck® Loading Ramp

A "must" for builders. The loading ramp, ruggedly constructed of 2 x 5ft sections, enables safe tipping into a dumpster or truck. Easy to assemble on-site by one person. The ramp folds flat for easy transportation, the micro dumper will sit neatly and securely on top of the ramp, across the width of a standard transit van.

Dimensions: (L) 59.8" x2 (W) 30.6" (H) 137lbs
Weight: 209 lbs

Loading Ramp - Muck-Truck

Muck-Truck® Bucket Extensions

Bucket extensions popular with gardeners, landscapers and equestrian centers. The optional bucket extension sides will fit onto the standard bucket. These bucket extensions provide 30% more capacity for bulk loads such as compost, manure, bark, mulch, hedge cuttings, logs etc.Dimensions: Height 11.8"
Capacity: Increases the volume by 30% (max load 550lbs (1/4 ton)

Muck-Truck Bucket Extensions

Muck-Truck® Ball-Hitch

Easily attached to the bucket. Can be used for trailers or boats. Tow and pulling capability up to a 1.5 ton trailer in weight providing the machine still maintains traction to the surface area. Very maneuvrable and very powerful.

Ball Size: Not included
Weight: 11 lbs
Capacity: Tow and push up to a 1.5 ton trailer (providing muck-truck™ retains traction)

Ball-Hitch for WheelBarrow

Muck-Truck® Vacuum

The muck-truck® is easy to operate, the Kawasaki gas engine creates a vacuum in the container to offer powerful suction through the 5" pick up hose nozzle. The 92 gallon capacity container is made from high density durable plastic and empties easily by pivoting the front door open and locking into position. The vacuum can also be used for collecting leaves, debris, water or other waste materials.

Vacuum: 92 gallon container, 5" diameter, 9.8 feet long
Carrying weight: 551 lbs
Hose End: plastic
Engine: Kawasaki 2 stroke, 48cc

Muck-Truck Vacuum

Muck-Truck® Snow Plow

The snow plough is easily attached to the front of the bucket. Ideal for removing snow from pathways etc, use on farms for the removal of slurry and it can even be used for grading. The blade can be raised for maneuvering and angled to remove the snow in the desired direction.

Blade Width: 48"
Weight: 76lbs

Muck-Truck Snow Plow

Muck-Truck Dual Wheels

The Dual wheels are an addition to the existing wheels via a bracket attached onto the Lug nuts bolts. They increase the overall width to 37 inches and are useful for decreasing the ground pressure and also for stability when crossing steep slopes.

Muck-Truck Dual Wheels

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