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The concept of the Muck Truck motorized wheelbarrow originated when Niche Product Sales CEO, Terry Rowlands designed a hydraulic tipping system for the first micro dumper introduced into the UK by Honda. The Honda HP400 powered carrier was sold through the existing dealer network and the concept of micro dumpers was then recognized in the industry for hire along-side micro/mini diggers.

The family have always been active as designers and manufacturers and started a company in 1985 with partners Roger and Christine Dee returned to the UK after spending 3 years designing, manufacturing and marketing products in the USA for the construction industry.

3 years later, Deesign Partnership had won the first ever BBC Design Awards competition in 1988, for their expertise in design, featuring the very first micro digger now known as Toe-Hoe, and various other small construction and earthmoving equipment including Muck-truck which was a ride on machine.

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We soon realized there was a need for a lighter, smoother, faster and more cost effective micro-dumper that was available in the market place, and the first motorized wheelbarrow (Bizzy) was developed in 1986. This machine had only two front drive wheels and had to be supported by the operator.

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Since 1993 muck-truck® has evolved to become the worlds most preferred powered wheelbarrow. The secret behind the continued success of the muck-truck® is constant research, development and listening to our customer feedback. Our success has enabled us to manufacture the muck-truck™ power barrow product range in 4 continents world wide.

While we have encountered competitors along the way, we have outsmarted them each time.  We believe our products are the best quality available in the marketplace.

Powered Wheelbarrows for Sale - Muck Truck USA
Muck-Truck® America Manufactures Heavy Duty Gas Powered and Electric Wheelbarrows for Landscaping, Farming or Residential Users

Orlando FL -- October 6, 2014 -- Muck Truck® Amercia offers gas powered and electric wheelbarrows for sale directly to the public in North America. Muck Truck manufactures powered wheelbarrows equipped with Honda gas engines and also an electric "green" model for indoor usage and those concerned about noise or engine fumes.

"Our gas powered wheelbarrows are for sale across the United States," said Terry Rowland, CEO of Muck Truck USA. "Our Muck Trucks are designed to cut down on the physical aspect of using a wheelbarrow. All Muck Trucks can be fitted with various accessories. No tools are required and all Muck Truck attachments are interchangeable."  
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Our company & products have been in production for over 16 years, proving that we are devoted and supply quality products at an affordable price.

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