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Muck Truck Power Wheelbarrows and Motorized Dumpers Specifications




Muck Truck Power Wheelbarrows and Motorized Dumpers Specifications Muck Truck's Max Truck Dumper Specifications Muck Truck's Electric Motorized Wheelbarrow Specifications
Model:   Model:   Model:
Muck-truck®   Max-truck®   E-truck®
Engine:   Engine:   Power:
Honda GXV 160 Commercial   Honda GXV 160 Commercial   4x12 Volt Batteries
Transmission:   Transmission:   Transmission:
Peerless 3 forward 1 reverse   Peerless 3 forward 1 reverse   Benevelli (24 volt) 2 forward 2 reverse
Speed:   Speed:   Speed:
0-3.5mph   0-3.5mph   0-3.5mph
Fuel:   Fuel:   Fuel:
Unleaded Petrol   Unleaded Petrol   4 x 12 Volt sealed Batteries
Capacity:   Capacity:   Capacity:
6 cu / ft - 550 lbs carrying capacity   8 cu / ft - 800 lbs carrying capacity   6 cu / ft - 550 lbs carrying capacity
Noise Rating:   Noise Rating:   Noise Rating:
79db   79db   5db
Parking Brake:   Parking Brake:   Parking Brake:
Disc   Disc   Electro magnetic
Wheels:   Wheels:   Wheels:
Front 400x10, 4 ply tractive. Rear 400x8, 4 ply tractive   4 x  400x10, 4 ply tractive   4 x  400x10, 4 ply tractive
Dimensions:   Dimensions:   Dimensions:
Length 61" x Width 28“ x Height 34"   Length 63" x Width 28“ x Height 36"   Length 63" x Width 28“ x Height 36"
Weight:   Weight:   Weight:
295lbs   345lbs   400lbs
Traction:   Traction:   Traction:
4 Wheel drive   4 Wheel drive   4 Wheel drive
Muck-truck® America the world's leader in Power Wheelbarrows.
  Muck Truck SpecificationsMuck Truck's Max Dumper SpecificationsMax Truck's  Specifications

The Muck Truck mini dumper has been in production for over 16 years
The engine comes with a full 24 month commercial use warranty
Can change mini dumper attachments in seconds
Will climb up to 30°
Transports easily, no ramp required for loading the mini dumper into a van
The mucktruck mini dumper is easy to steer empty or fully loaded
Works well with a number of other construction machines, such as mini diggers and cement mixers
Spare Parts are readily available, can be dispatched the same day as ordered, provided they are ordered by noon

Being only 28in (70cm) wide, the Muck Truck glides through the average doorway and is designed to be just as manoeuvrable when loaded as when empty.

The Muck Truck works just as well with a mini-digger and is ideal in conjunction with a cement mixer. It’s compact in size facilitating easy transportation, loading and unloading in vans and onto trailers. 

Muck Truck has proven to be the benchmark by which other manufacturers measure their product. Designed for builders, landscapers and hire companies a unique opportunity to boost productivity and prove a sound investment on site.

Every Muck Truck model is designed for professional use the product features four forward speeds 0.5mph-3.5 mph and one reverse. Stopping dead when the clutch lever is released, the Muck truck is designed with safety uppermost in mind. Balanced weight distribution for easy tipping and having a hand throttle for precise forward speed control, the operative can help avoid the most frequently reported industrial injury to the back (44%) followed by limbs which accounts for over 28%. 

Research by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) shows a massive six million days were lost last year due to injury in the workplace. The HSE state that it is the employer’s duty to avoid manual handling as far as reasonably practical and use machines rather than physical labour. Enter the Muck truck.With less physical strain, the workforce will essentially be more efficient thereby reducing the number of sick days resulting in lower overheads and increased profit margins. 

Managing Director of Muck Truck, Terry Rowlands, said: “The statistics show that employee injury is still a major issue in the workplace, particularly in the construction industry. A Muck Truck removes much of the daily physical labour that workers have to undertake, decreasing the risk and making the site essentially more efficient and productive.”


mucktruck Max truck motorised pedestrian wheelbarrow Max dumper muck truck wheelbarrow motorized wheelbarrowAll mucktruck power barrows and mini dumpers are CE marked and comply with European Health and Safety regulations.

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