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It gives us great pleasure to present Muck Truck® America with the prestigious and highly acclaimed Building and Construction Review UK ‘Product Innovation’ Award.

The concept of the motorised wheelbarrow originated many years ago when Terry Rowlands, CEO of Niche Product Sales, designed a hydraulic tipping system for the first micro-dumper introduced to the UK by Honda. Since then many designs have been put forward as it was realised that there was a need for a lighter, smoother, faster and more cost-effective machine.

In 1986 the Bizzy was developed, which had only two front drive wheels and had to be supported by an operator. Although this worked quite well, it was certainly not user friendly. 

The first with the concept and design, muck-truck® has today evolved into the world’s most popular pedestrian micro-dumper and the benchmark for other manufacturers to emulate.  Designed and built here in the United Kingdom, the muck-truck® offers an array of significant productivity benefits to the building, hire and landscaping industries. It can carry three times that of a conventional wheelbarrow and has the capability to transport loads of up to a quarter of a tonne.

With its reliable commercial grade 5.5hp Honda engine that powers the flawless 4-wheel drive system, ensures that the muck-truck® maintains maximum traction on both wet and uneven grounds.

The muck-truck® also offers a comprehensive range of safety features and benefits guaranteeing ultimate user safety. Fitted with a throttle lever allowing precise speed control and balanced weight distribution for easy tipping, the muck-truck® is highly recommended by health and safety regulatory, as it increased productivity without operator fatigue.  In addition, should an operator fall or trip, the fitted parking brake is applied and stops dead once the brake is released. The muck-truck® also comes with a range of interchangeable accessories for diversity and functionality.

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It is the best. It moves mulch, stone, dirt & and trees like a champ. I work alone and it makes my life alot one and fire 1 employee.


Darren here from Ireland. I have 4 of them although 2 are just new to replace last pair which still run after 5 years hard work. We use them all the time for many different things but mainly for removing tonnes and i mean tonnes of stone of lawns we stonerake. I dont know about the turf tires we tried them but no traction so kept originals and never looked back. If you want to know anything else let me know.

from Ireland

Customer Reviewsmuck-truck®

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Max Truck on a 30 degree incline

"...I think you should be aware of a job that your product helped me complete this past fall...I had to move 160 cubic yards of sand and topsoil from 3 barges to the top of the property over two weekends with 4 rented Max Trucks. Your product performed incredibly well with very heavy cargo (sand) up a steep incline (possibly more than 30 degrees in some spots) and inclement weather (pouring rain sometimes). The machines kept going and going and never missed a beat....

Brent in Toronto  
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Gempler's Commercial Outdoor Equipment Reviews

I've used this several times now. Getting hooked on it. Easily carries nine bags of 60 lbs concrete mix up steep slope on wet grass.    Review here

Spokane, WA

will make back breaking work a breeze. Will carry your loads up hill easy and if you hang on it will drag you up hill with your load. Could not do my work without the muck truck, as I live on a very topographicaly chalanged property. Thanx muck truck!!!!    Review here

Richard - Lowerlake CA

"Excellent little dumper. No more manual wheelbarrows."

"Thanks for your help in selecting the Muck Truck Max Dumper. The UPS Freight Delivery truck with power tailgate made unloading easy. Everything was well crated. Arrived in three days even with east coast snowstorms. The driver was very helpful dealing with our rural driveway. The Max Dumper is really well built. Honda engine started with one pull. Controls make it very easy to use and operate. Works great in the snow hauling firewood to the house"

Thanks again for a great product.
B Belitskus, Kane, PA

"I received "Max" yesterday and wish to convey a few comments. As someone that has founded and built 6 successful manufacturing companies over the course of the last 40 years, I feel qualified to judge products, pricing and customer service.

The Muck Truck is a well designed, solidly constructed unit more than up to the tasks for which it is intended. From the component fits to even the quality of welding beads, it shows the great care that was taken during the manufacturing process. It was also shipped in a manner that provided great protection from the ravages of over road transport. As a consequence it arrived un-bent, un-scratched and looking as though it just rolled out of the paint booth. Please forget I said this but given the apparent amount of work and considering the purchased items, it puzzles me as to how it can be sold for such a reasonable price.

It was a joy to find such a good product but equally rewarding to have received the excellent customer service of Jennifer Newland. She was pleasant to deal with, shipped immediately and followed up to insure I was satisfied .... as good as it gets. Only time will tell as to the durability of this product but given the customer feedback and my detailed inspection, I feel comfortable we will receive many, many good years of use from our Max". 

J Charlton  -   Burlington, WA.

Gempler's Commercial Outdoor Equipment Reviews

We use our Muck Truck on our shellfish farm where we put it through grueling torture only to have it walk right through the roughest terrain. We grow Oysters in a salt water mud environment and at low tide we relay oyster cages to our trucks from the growout site with the Muck Truck. It is a 4x4 truck in a wheelbarrow size package!

Oyster Grower
Wellfleet, Mass.

Our Muck Truck was delivered on Monday, February 15, 2010. 

On Tuesday, February 16, 2010, the Muck Truck was put to work in some rough conditions.  We were using it to haul materials through snowy and muddy areas with alot of up and down steep inclines and declines.

We have been in business for close to 40 years and feel that we are a very efficient fence company.  We feel that we would not have accomplished the amount of work we did without the help of the Muck Truck!

We are considering purchasing a second Muck Truck in the near future!

Thank you, A Hall - Streator, Illinois

I received my Max a couple of days ago, used it yesterday,and did some work which i had been dreading for about 6 months because of concrete and bricks i had to relocate. It took me less than an hour to move the stuff and with very little effort. I'm really impressed and happy with the purchase. It definitely made things easy. 

Tony Inae -  Vienna, USA.

" I am a UK customer with a muck-truck, flat bed and skip loading ramp, and I just can't rave enough about how useful and reliable my muck-truck has been during a house renovation project in Surrey.  I really hope that muck-truck continues to win over the competition and thrives for the future. I hope to add a 2nd muck-truck to my toolset as I move towards setting-up a landscaping business."

K Loten, Surrey, UK

Heavy Equipment Guide Customer Reviews Muck Truck

"The Max Dumper can carry 750 pounds or eight cu.ft. of payload and is capable of climbing a 30-degree slope. The unit’s flat bed can be loaded with up to 120 bricks, for example, and a tow ball-hitch turns it into a useful towing truck for moving trailers or caravans."

In another article:
"The versatile Muck Truck, with a unique patented 'powerdrive' system and various attachments, can be used to do numerous tasks with ease."

Landscape Juice Customer Reviews of Muck Truck

I have had both Muck Trucks and Load Runner power barrows on our equipment fleet for 15+ years now, they both have a time and place where they out perform much larger pieces of kit. There advantages are that they are nibble, you can turn them on the front axle by taking the weight off the rear wheel and turning them like a normal barrow.

The muck truck is slower than the load runner which allows you to hop on the back and get a ride for longer straight run projects. The muck truck wins over it on manoeuvrability as it is quite a bit shorter and turn in the space of a normal wheelbarrow....all the best,


"We have a landscape construction company which works in the mountains on large propertys with no access for tractors in some areas.  Your trucks have moved literally over 1000 cu yards of soil that would normally would have been moved the old fashoned way or with a crane.

These two trucks have been in use on other jobs saving injury and keeping the employees working all day with out workers comp. claims.  Saving money is the key.

Dan Luke, Mgr
Luke Landscape Contractors L.L.C.
Minden, Nevada

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